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Living with pain, weakness, & tightness is hard. We are here to make it easy and guide you toward a healthier life.

What is Dry Needling?

This cutting-edge technique involves the insertion of very thin needles into muscles, tendons, ligaments, periosteum, or trigger points to release tension, improve range of motion, and alleviate pain. Dry Needling increases blood flow to the localized treatment area, releases neurotransmitters such as opioids to help with pain and alter mood, releases myofascial trigger points, and can also have a positive effect on the parasympathetic nervous system which is important to accelerate tissue healing. Dry needling can be combined with electrical stimulation (E-stim) to further elicit an increase in blood flow and oxygen to the muscles being needled. E-stim also improves muscle activation which can be extremely effective when treating conditions such as low back pain where muscles such as the multifidus (deep stabilizer muscles close to the spine) tend to lack optimal strength and contractile capacity. Whether you're recovering from an injury or looking to improve your overall well-being, dry needling can help you achieve your goals. 


Physical Therapy & Performance Coaching

Whether you are recovering from a surgery, sprained your ankle, dealing with chronic back pain, or have tried everything and nothing has worked, taking a closer look at each of these factors is crucial to your recovery:

Strength & Mobility

Including strength and mobility work as part of your recovery process will speed up the healing by increasing blood flow and oxygenation to the tissue, reduce pain by improving muscular function, reducing inflammation, increasing range of motion, and reducing the tension throughout your muscles. These will all lead to improvement in overall function and decrease likelihood of further injury. Strengthening and mobility should be tailored to an individual's specific condition and a program specific to their goals.

Nutrition & Supplements

Without the proper nutrients being digested in the body, recovery, growth, and healing is impossible. Through consumption of high-quality macro and micronutrients we can minimize the body's inflammation, increase tissue growth, and reduce oxidative stress. It is not just about what we eat, it is about what we digest. If our body's are inflamed or if our gut lining is destroyed due to years of poor habits, healing is that much harder. 

Lifestyle Habits

Anything that can affect the state of our brain or dysregulate our body's homeostasis can impact our tissue healing and perception of pain. Whether that is sub-optimal sleep, increased stress, lack of self-worth, poor habits such as smoking, or a sedentary lifestyle, these all affect how well our body can heal itself. While stress may not be the cause of your ankle sprain, if our brain is hyperactive toward addressing these stressful tasks, it is going to divert energy from healing your ankle. 

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Abstract Background

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Feel free to reach out to me with any questions regarding blog posts, services offered, or what the next best step may be for your situation. If you are not sure if dry needling or a consultation is right for you, we can schedule a screen to figure out what the right option is for you. If you prefer to work with me in person for Physical Therapy, schedule an appointment with me at Alcoa Chiropractic Center.

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